Author: David Njau

Spring Week 14

And happy week 14! I don’t know how scientifically true this is but when I was growing up (those many years ago), I remember hearing

Spring Week 13

And Happy Week 13! My goodness! There’s not much left of this semester, is there?! Sunday, May 16 is graduation day and Friday, May 14

Spring Week 12

And Happy Week 12! It’s not about what you see, it’s about what you envision. I saw that on an Instagram post the other day

Spring Week 11

And Happy Week 11! We hope your week has started off well on this sunny and beautiful Monday in Elsah. Not only is the semester

Spring Week 10

And happy week 10! Notice how the week numbers are in double-digits now? That, my friends, is a sign of the end of the semester!

Spring Week 9

And happy week 9! We hope your Spring Break was refreshing! Welcome back to the second half of Spring 2021. The end is in sight.

Spring Week 8

And happy week 8! It’s finally Spring Break!! Wherever you are, we hope you get a chance to relax, have fun, and recharge during this break

Spring Week 7

And happy week 7!  It feels like everyone is very busy this week with midterm exams, papers, and projects. Oh, but the sun is shining

Spring Week 6

And Happy Week 6! It looks like Spring is finally with us at Elsah! We hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather and that you’re excited

Spring Week 5

And Happy Week 5! After days of freezing temperatures in Elsah last week, 8℃ sure does feel like summer, doesn’t it? We hope you’ve had