Author: David Njau

Spring Week 4

And Happy Week 5! It’s still Black History Month but the streets of Elsah are indeed very white with snow! We hope you’re staying warm

Spring Week 3

And Happy Week 3! It’s a cold day in Elsah but we hope your hearts are filled with warmth and expectation of good as we

Black History and the Quest for Freedom

Ukraine in the year 2036 is the setting for the new movie on Netflix, whereby the U.S. peacekeeping forces have intervened in a war between Russian-backed secessionists and local Ukranian resistance groups. Played by Anthony Mackie, the main character in this movie is a technological creation but otherwise fully human-looking and with the capacity to empathize with and experience human emotions…

A Place of Full Expression

I would say home for me is the place where, when my heart sings, my mouth and my tongue and, really, the rest of me