Author: Lawrence Wontumi

Testing Ins

This guide is designed to help you easily navigate the transportation services available to you. Whether you’re looking for campus shuttles, taxis, public buses, or

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Studying in the AI era

Just like electricity transformed the world in the last century, AI is now poised to reshape education as we know it. In this article, I’ll


The term PRINBILL is associated with the fees students pay here at Principia College. The Financial Aid provided by Principia only covers your tuition, room

Exploring the US just got easier

Getting a driver’s license opens a lot of doors for you in the US, this includes campus employment for jobs that require drivers and also

Success Series Fall 2022

ISPaSO Success Series: Spring 2023Fall 2022Spring 2022 The first day of classes in a new college in a new country can feel like jumping on


Congratulations Class of 2022! More from our Graduating Class Experience the journey our international community  Class of 2023 Class of 2022 Staff Lawrence Wontumi Dennis