Author: Lawrence Wontumi

Success Series Fall 2022

ISPaSO Success Series: Spring 2023Fall 2022Spring 2022 The first day of classes in a new college in a new country can feel like jumping on


Congratulations Class of 2022! More from our Graduating Class Experience the journey our international community  Class of 2023 Class of 2022 Staff Lawrence Wontumi Dennis

Prin & Bills

The newest tool around is finally here!. Prin and bills has been one of the most worked on projects during the winter break. With the project being led by Adesuwa Dawodu a Junior majoring in mechanical engineering. It has been quite a hectic journey. Prin and Bills is a tool that has been designed to help students budget their money accordingly. It gives you a breakdown of your income statement, your Prinbill amount and a suggested payment plan. With this tool we are positive many will be able to make better financial decisions.

Pre-Orientation week

Pre-Orientation is one of the most important processes for international students when they come to Principia.This semester we expect 12 international students from Botswana, Colombia,