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Spring 2023, Week 13

Spring 2023, Week 14 NEST CaféIf you have been at the ISPaSO office lately, you may have noticed a new look and some Parle-G kind

Success Series Fall 2022

ISPaSO Success Series: Spring 2023Fall 2022Spring 2022 The first day of classes in a new college in a new country can feel like jumping on


Congratulations Class of 2022! More from our Graduating Class Experience the journey our international community  Class of 2023 Class of 2022 Staff Lawrence Wontumi Dennis

Fall 2022 Week 6

And happy week 6! I’m back in the village! The college, I mean. And it’s been so nice to run into many of you. It’s

Fall 2022 Week 1

And happy week 1! I am writing this from Mecca! Well, not really. But I’m at home in Kenya after 6 whole years!! I know

Fall 2021 Week 14

And happy week 14! We hope you had a restful Thanksgiving break, and that the end of the semester feels like it’s only two weeks