Exploring the US just got easier

Getting a driver’s license opens a lot of doors for you in the US, this includes campus employment for jobs that require drivers and also you have the chance to explore various places in the US aside from using the Space Shuttle. To get your driver’s license, you must have the following documents in hand: Social Security card, I-20, Passport, Travel history (I-94), and $21 for registration. The process to get a driver’s license is in three parts: the vision test, the written test, and the driving test itself. There are various online tools where an individual can take practice tests before going for the actual test. The written test is a multiple choice done on a computer. The pass mark is 28 correct choices out of 35 questions. To perform the driving test, it is required that you come with a vehicle you are comfortable driving in and also with the owner of the car. Jerseyville is the county where Principia College students can get their driver’s licenses.

The DMV is also a place where you can get your State ID done. A State ID is very essential since it can be used to travel anywhere in the United States. Think of it as an alternative to a passport and a Driver’s license. It is essential because it serves as a means of identification that is accepted by every TSA checkpoint. The documents needed to acquire the State ID are a Social Security Card, I-20, Passport, Academic Transcripts, Proof of Residency (which can be obtained from a US Bank statement), and $21 for registration. Both the State ID and Driver’s license help facilitate the majority of registration processes both in person and online.