And happy week 6!

I’m back in the village! The college, I mean. And it’s been so nice to run into many of you. It’s been a while so you may not recognize me; look out for a white man with a gray beard. Just kidding – the beard is black. More importantly, though . . .

International Perspectives Conference (IPC)
Is this by us? Yes, it is! Gloria and her team have put together an amazing conference that started last night. Dr. Barry Huff, Brandon Quinn, and Ian Forber-Pratt will be speaking in Wanamaker today at 11am, 1pm, and 7:30pm respectively, guided by this year’s theme: Intersectional Sustainability. It’s really important stuff so I hope you can be part of the conversation. Learn more

Space Shuttle
Still on the move this weekend. Sign up today

Wishing you a great weekend!