Welcome to the Health Insurance Guide for international students at Principia College. As you pursue your studies here, understanding your health coverage is vital. This guide will walk you through essential information about the college’s health insurance plan, enrollment process, coverage details, and how to utilize it effectively. Your well-being is a priority, and this guide is designed to help you make the most of your time in the United States with the right health insurance support.

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Do I need to have Insurance?

Yes, all international students at Principia are required to have insurance. It’s essential for studying in the U.S.

Does Principia provide health insurance?

Yes, Principia College provides health insurance to its international students under the ISO student health insurance plan.

How do I enroll and am I automatically enrolled in it?

International students are automatically enrolled in the ISO student health insurance plan, and the cost is included in the PRINBILL.

If I opt out of the college's health insurance, what documentation do I need to provide as proof of alternative coverage?/ Is there a deadline for enrolling in or waiving the college's health insurance plan?

You can opt out of the college’s health insurance by showing proof of alternative coverage for the entire academic year. The deadline for waiving the insurance varies.

What medical services are covered under the college's health insurance plan?

The Compass PPO plan generally covers hospital services, surgery services, and some diagnostics. It doesn’t cover dental care, pre-existing conditions, injuries in your home country, or take-home drugs.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the coverage, such as out-of-network providers or prescription drug benefits?

There may be restrictions on out-of-network providers. Copays and deductibles apply for some services.

How do I obtain my health insurance card?

Log in to your ISO account to access and download your health insurance card and other related documents.

How do I use my Health Insurance?

Use your health insurance card for hospital and surgery services. Remember to pay attention to copays and deductibles. You can file a claim by completing a claim form and mailing it to SISCO Benefits(PO Box 3190, Dubuque IA, 52004)