And happy week 9!

We hope your Spring Break was refreshing! Welcome back to the second half of Spring 2021. The end is in sight. Well, almost, and we’re here with you every step of the way! From the ISPaSO notices desk, below is this week’s quick rundown.

Summer Internship Application Deadline This Week
If you are actively pursuing a summer  and/or Fall 2021 internship, please contact us and Amber McCart ASAP. By ASAP, I really mean now. The deadline for submitting the paperwork is this week on Friday. We understand that you may not feel like you’ll have everything you need by the deadline but, a loving reminder, it’s better to start that conversation before ‒ NOT AFTER ‒ the deadline.

Next DMV Trip This Week
ISPaSO’s monthly DMV trips continue, every last Thursday of the month at 7:30 AM. The next one is on Thursday this week! To sign up, please WhatsApp/text us on +1-618-374-5789 ASAP. (Please Note: due to Red Phase restrictions, we may need to seek special permission to conduct this activity so if you’re considering it, kindly sign up ASAP so we know if the special permission is worth pursuing.)

ISPaSO Shuttle
Some of you may remember a transport program we tested successfully in the Fall of 2019, modelled after public transportation and designed to connect passengers with Alton and St. Louis in a consistent, predictable fashion. Well, due to funding constraints and COVID, we were unable to implement and scale up the program in 2020 as originally planned. Good news, though: in 2021, the idea has more support across the administration and the COVID crisis seems to be clearing out. Stay tuned, this program is likely to be back next semester, bigger and better! As always, your ideas on it will be highly appreciated!