And happy week 14!

I don’t know how scientifically true this is but when I was growing up (those many years ago), I remember hearing often the comment that the night is darkest shortly before dawn. Not to compare this semester to a night but if the pressure on you is feeling heavier at this point in the semester, perhaps it’s a sign that the dawn is near. Indeed the finish line is in sight. Certainly so for our graduating seniors! Speaking of which . . .

International Senior Speeches Event
Please mark your calendar to come and celebrate with our international seniors as they mark this major milestone: Friday, May 14, 4:00 to 6:30 PM at Cox Auditorium (usually it’s in Wanamaker but we have the larger space for social distancing). Congratulations, seniors! We’re really proud of you!

We told you last week about the digital platform for career development and networking for international students that we’re collaborating with the Career Development Office to acquire. Good news: we’re in the final stages of this process. More information coming soon. Ask us about it this Thursday during the pizza party. Which pizza party? Read on . . .

ISPaSO/Career Office Pizza Party
This Thursday, April 29, in Perry Lounge from 5-7pm. Come by, grab some pizza, meet Carrie Silverstock (if you haven’t already) and bring any questions or ideas you may have related to career development.

Inclusion Survey
Have you taken the Principia College Inclusion Survey yet? It’s the perfect opportunity to share your insights, observations, and suggestions on equity and inclusion at Principia. The survey is completely anonymous and takes about 12-15 minutes to complete. Learn more

Are you traveling outside the U.S. this summer? 
Please be in touch with ISPaSO regarding what you need (documents, information etc.), including current guidelines on COVID testing and/or vaccination requirements.

DMV Trip This Thursday
Our monthly DMV trip is this Thursday, leaving from Clara parking lot at 7:30 AM. To sign up, text us on the ISPaSO WhatsApp line: +1-618-374-5789.