And Happy Week 1! 

We hope you’ve had a wonderful first day of classes and that your summer was restful or productive or even both! It’s been a hot and humid one in Elsah. Baking outdoors and freezing indoors – you know how it is with AC around here. Anyway, from ISPaSO’s notices desk, here’s this week’s quick rundown.

ISPaSO Workshops – Week 4 and Week 9
After a vibrant week of pre-orientation workshops with the new students this August, we are moving with the same model of ISPaSO workshops based on these 5 programs. We’re thinking weeks 4 and 9 are ideal since they’re far enough from midterms and finals seasons. Stay tuned for more details. Also, if you have any ideas regarding the workshops, please share them with us via email or text/WhatsApp (+1-618-374-5789). 

DMV Trips
We will have 3 trips to the DMV (state IDs, driver’s permit, licenses etc.) – week 5 Friday, week 9 Saturday, and week 14 Friday. Each trip will depart from the flagpole at 7:30 a.m. to minimize delays at the DMV. To sign up, please text/WhatsApp “DMV week x” to 

Publish your work on Viewpoint
Your stories, poems, perspectives and insight on issues publish on the ISPaSO website! This is your space! You can publish just about anything. Really? Yes, really. 

We’re wishing you a fun and successful semester ahead! As always, we’re here with you and for you.