And happy week 2!

One week down! And just like that, the semester is almost over. Only 15 weeks to go! 💪💪From ISPaSO’s notices desk, below is this week’s quick rundown.

ISPaSO Workshops – Week 4
We mentioned the upcoming Week 4 workshops in last week’s newsletter but we’re so excited about it that we thought it was worth repeating! Friday 09/24 12:30 – 2pm is a Liftoff session! More details soon. There are no classes scheduled during that timeslot but please let us know by replying here if you are scheduled to work during that time and we’ll see how we can support your participation with minimal effects on your income.

DMV Trips
Three trips to the DMV this semester (state IDs, driver’s permit, licenses etc.) – week 5 Friday, week 9 Saturday, and week 14 Friday. Each trip will depart from the flagpole at 7:30 a.m. to minimize delays at the DMV. If you haven’t signed up yet but would like to, please text or WhatsApp “DMV week x” to +1-618-374-5789.

You Can Publish Your Work on Viewpoint
Your stories, poems, perspectives and insight on issues – you can publish just about anything on Viewpoint. Anything? Really? Yes, anything, really. This is your space and your voice matters!

Wishing you the best,