And happy week 4!

It’s finally that week when we will have sessions to discuss money, academics, career development and more! All sessions will be on zoom. Well, except the outdoor pool party in St. Louis on Saturday. Check out the schedule here.

Some quick things about the sessions:
  1. They’re on Tuesday-Thursday 6:30-7:30PM and on Friday 12:30-2PM
  2. Are you working during the Friday afternoon session but would like to participate in the session? In partnership with the Careers office, we would like to help you attend the session without losing your income. No guarantees but we’ll definitely try! To help us in this regard, please do two things: a) request time off during the session/find a sub; and b) please fill out this quick form by 5pm today so we know which employers to talk to.
  3. Are you coming to the outdoor pool party and games on Saturday? There’ll be plenty of pizza and drinks and the vans leave from the flagpole at 2pm. For planning purposes, it would be really helpful to know who’s coming. Please let us know by filling out this quick form.
Wishing you a great week ahead!