And happy week 8!

We’re right in the middle of the semester! Winter is coming and the end is in sight, almost. 😊 This week’s newsletter is coming to you on Wednesday partly because some of the items for announcement this week were still getting finalized, such as the Space Shuttle? What? Yeah, read on . . .

The Space Shuttle — Connecting you Beyond Elsah

You may have already seen Rhyan’s Watercooler announcement this morning (thank you, Rhyan!). Starting Saturday, we will have a transport program that connects you to Alton and St. Louis at a super-affordable rate. It’s currently running on Saturdays only, but we hope to expand it as we get feedback. To use the shuttle, you need to reserve a spot. Learn more.

Latino Party this Friday
Enjoy some delicious Latin American food, music, and dance this Friday from 8pm. There’ll also be a salsa show by pro dancers, who will also be giving salsa lessons! This is brought to you by Club de Lenguas Franco-Hispano. Look out for more information.

Internship Contracts Deadline This Friday
If you are planning to do an off-campus internship this Winter break, the first draft of your internship contract is due this Friday. Please talk to Carrie Silver-Stock at the Careers Office before Friday if you are considering it, even if you don’t have your paperwork ready.

Hoping your week is going well,