And happy week 1!

I am writing this from Mecca! Well, not really. But I’m at home in Kenya after 6 whole years!! I know many of you can relate to this situation, unfortunately, and ISPaSO is working hard so that fewer and fewer of us can relate. As a mental, social, and emotional health matter, having adequate opportunity to be with family and friends should by no means be a luxury!

Anyway, I’m missing you guys and I’ll be back on campus soon.

I hope your semester has started out well and I am so excited about the programs and activities we have this semester, all (and always) designed to support your holistic success and progress, such as . . .

The Space Shuttle
It is back! Bigger and better. And it will be running from this morning at 8am. We don’t have all the Friday shifts covered, but we’re working on it. On Fridays and Saturdays, we will have the shuttle heading to St. Louis every 3 hours from 8am to 8pm. On Sundays, the shuttle is heading to Alton at 2:30pm and 5pm. Learn more and sign up here.

DMV Rides
The DMV is where you get your state ID, driver learner’s permit, and a U.S. driving license. We will have several rides to the DMV this semester. Please look out for dates and a signup form in subsequent newsletters.

It’s a new month, a new semester, and a new academic year!

Wishing you the absolute best!