It seems to me that home is a lot about love. There’s a statement from Mary Baker Eddy in Miscellaneous Writings that she’s making to one of the branch churches and she says, “Space is no separator of hearts.” So to me this means that space and distance can’t separate from the affection, love, and joy that we feel with those that are dear to our heart and with whom we find a sense of home. We’re fortunate if we can find home in multiple places! There’s a hymn, 497, that says, “We go to meet our neighbor’s need, and find our home in every place” and I like that sense of unselfish love bringing us home wherever we are. And I’ll close with hymn 227 , just a couple of the stanzas that speak to God bringing us a sense of home (and it really struck me when I was going through the hymnal and found this):

    • For Thou within no walls confined,
    • Dwellest with them of humble mind;
    • Such ever bring Thee where they come;
    • And where Thou art they find their home.