Spring 2023, Week 14

If you have been at the ISPaSO office lately, you may have noticed a new look and some Parle-G kind of biscuits. You know? Real biscuits. We’re calling it NEST Café. NEST? What’s that about? Coming up soon

NEST Café hours
Out goes “office hours” and in comes Café hours. Every weekday from 3-6pm, please feel free to come by ISPaSO with any questions or topics you may need support with. We’re here, with you and for you.

ISPaSO Website and Live Chat
The ISPaSO website has been updated with more information, and easier navigation for you. We have also included a live chat functionality that allows you to interact with ISPaSO to ask quick questions from anywhere. During Café hours, the chat is live. When we don’t have a staff member available to respond immediately, you can leave a message and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

Upcoming DMV Trips
Wanting to get a State ID or learner’s permit? We will be going to the DMV this Friday, this Saturday, and next Saturday. We will leave from the flagpole at 7:30 AM to avoid long lines. In case you are wondering what documents to bring, please check here. And sign up here.
For those intending to take the written test to get a Learner’s permit, you may find this Rules of the Road document useful.

A Note on Volunteering
This question has come up a lot recently: can an international student on an F-1 visa serve as a volunteer? Absolutely! However, the volunteering opportunity is expected to meet the legal definition provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. Otherwise, off-campus work authorization regulations apply. It’s important to note that this restriction applies only to volunteering opportunities within the United States.