The term PRINBILL is associated with the fees students pay here at Principia College. The Financial Aid provided by Principia only covers your tuition, room ,and board(feeding) charges. The remaining fees is what adds up to form your PRINBILL which is split in half and paid twice in every academic year (eg. 2023/2024). To shed more light, the fees paid by a student are Athletics, Communication, Student activity, Technology, Insurance, International Tax ,and Miscellaneous charges. Those charges plus your Tuition, room ,and board constitute your prinbill, hence if the financial aid awarded is deducted, the remaining will be your fees left to pay. 

Your account can be accessed using the PRINWEB and clicking on Bannerweb. By signing in to your account. The PRINBILL account might vary depending on the Financial Aid awarded to you. Hence, a good academic standing and community involvement is always encouraged. The prinbill can be paid in monthly installments (four months)  or as a one-time payment. It is very important that a student pay their fees until the final deadline, hence a budgeting tool has developed that helps incorporate the income and expenditure a student will be incurring within those periods. Paying a PRINBILL is less tedious when there is proper management involved.